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Data Tracking & Analytics

Secure your business data!

A Website is your company’s main window towards customers online. It’s a link between the customers and your company. The website is where the customers can interact with you, your services and products.

But how do you know if your website is effective or not?
First of all, make sure you’re measuring and evaluating the relevant KPIs that you need!
This requires both a proper implementation of tracking tools like Google Analytics (GA) and knowing how the data connects to your business goals.

Sounds simple, but it’s in a lot of cases this data is either underused, not used at all, or even worse, incorrect data is collected!

We work together with our clients so they have all pieces in place. For example, reviewing and securing data quality, actively manage and setup tracking correctly, working with our clients developers and support in reporting and analysis of  data to make it valuable instead.

Have you asked yourself “what is this and what does it mean?”, then we can help you understand!